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With its soft purple shade, this stone has been known since Antiquity for its tension easing virtues. The main deposits are found in Latin America.
Feeling anxious, stressed, need to relax? This stone is for you!!Astro point: Amethyst stones are ideal for Pisces, people of sensitive nature.


Apatite stones come from Sri Lanka. It is the stone of inspiration for energy and extraversion. There are different colors; the blue one promotes communication, absorbs negativity, increases motivation and develops intellect. Are you looking for inspiration and want to regain your self-confidence? An Apatite stone can accompany you on a daily basis.
Astro point: Apatite stones are perfect for Libras.


Do you practice an intellectual or artistic activity? Topaz stones bring inspiration. Formerly called "stone of joy", it has beneficial properties to fight against anxiety. Its light blue color promotes sleep by providing calm and relaxation.
Astro point: Topaz stones are particularly recommended to soothe Leos.


Known since Antiquity, the Garnet stone is considered as a protection stone, a symbol of truth and commitment. From the Latin "malum granatum", grain fruit, its red color refers to the pomegranate. South Africa is one of the main sources of deposits. This revitalizing stone is also renowned for purifying the chakras while bringing harmony and serenity.
Astro point: Of an independent nature, Aquarians will find peace of mind thanks to this stone.


Symbol of love, this stone will bring you tranquility, calm and tenderness. Inspiring love and friendship, it is often associated with the Greek myth of Cupid. Pink Quartz generally comes from different countries of South America. Are you the romantic type? Pink Quartz is your ideal stone!
Astro point: With it, Taureans will be appeased.


The Lapis-Lazuli stone, with its deep blue reminiscent of Klein, is the symbol of love and friendship.
Used for almost 7000 years, its name comes from the Latin word "Lapis" meaning "stone" and the Arabic word "Lazuli" meaning "blue". In ancient Greece, this stone was described as a sapphire with golden stains, reminiscent of a sky full of stars. The most important deposits are in Afghanistan, in the Badakhshan province. Lapis-Lazuli stones are known for promoting harmony in relationships. Beyond its medicinal virtues, this stone will bring you courage and confidence. Astro point: Sagittarians, the Lapis-Lazuli stone is the stone that will bring you serenity and harmony


This stone with metallic highlights is known to help develop listening skills. It transmits courage and optimism. Hematite stones are mainly found in Brazil but also in France and Italy. Are you looking for a miracle stone to help you focus? Stones of Hematite can be the natural remedy you are looking for!
Astro point: Ariens, Hematite will bring you calm and serenity.


Originally from Persia, Turquoise stones were used as a talisman against the evil eye. Used by many civilizations, the Turquoise stone is an ancestral stone, used both for jewelry making and decorative ornaments. More particularly known for absorbing electromagnetic waves, it promotes the harmony of body and mind.
Astro point: Turquoise stones would be beneficial to release emotional blocks and bring calm and inner peace to Scorpios


Chalcedony stones take their name from the ancient port of Chalcedon in Turkey where the main deposits can be found. Renowned for its stimulating virtues, this stone gives self-confidence and promotes creativity and open-mindedness.
Need a stone to encourage and stimulate you every day? Do not hesitate a second!
Astro point: Geminis, Chalcedony stone is the stone that suits you.


Commonly called "Water Sapphire", Iolite stones stimulate your connection with your inner knowledge and provide energy. It also has soothing virtues on the respiratory system. The largest deposits are in Brazil and Madagascar. Iolite stones can smoothen your thoughts and help you move forward!
Astro point: The Iolite stone would be particularly recognized to help Virgos fight anxiety and shyness.


Celestial stone with soft bluish shades, its many facets playfully reflet the light. The moonstone embodies sweetness, femininity and brings healing virtues to its wearer. Sacred in India, it increases intuition, tenderness and develops tolerance.
Looking for a captivating and comforting stone? The changing color of the Moonstone will bring you peace of mind on a daily basis.
Astro point: Of anxious nature, Pisceans will find softness and serenity with Moonstones.


Chalcedony stones take their name from the ancient port of Chalcedon in Turkey where the main deposits can be found. Renowned for its stimulating virtues, this stone gives self-confidence and promotes creativity and open-mindedness.
Need a stone to encourage and stimulate you every day? Do not hesitate a second!
Astro point: Geminis, Chalcedony stone is the stone that suits you.


Many legends are attributed to this stone with colorful highlights. The Scandinavian and Eskimos peoples associate the Labradorite stone with the aurora borealis, from which the stone would have borrowed its magnificent iridescence. The Labrador, region of Canada, has the highest concentration of labradorite stones in its soil. It calms hormonal disorders, lowers blood pressure and reduces fatigue.
Carried by solitary hearts, it would increase the chances of meeting one’s soulmate!
Astro point: Cancerians, this stone will reveal your creativity.


Wearing a Ruby ​​is the promise of having a happy life filled with happiness. Known to be the "Ratnajar", the King of Precious Stones, the Ruby ​​embodies passion, love and romance. For ambitious people, this royal stone will suit you perfectly. Burma is where we find the largest deposits.
Astro point: The flamboyant colors of the Ruby ​​reflect the conquering character of the Capricorns.


Also called "Cyanite" or "Disthenes", its name means "dark metal" in Greek and refers to its peculiar blue color. The Kyanite stone is particularly present in South Asia. This stone is beneficial for meditation and concentration. No doubt, it’s the "well-being" stone that you need!
Astro point: Geminis will appreciate this stone for its soothing virtues.


Known for its colors ranging from light blue to lagoon green, Aquamarine stones take their name from the Latin "aqua marina" which means “sea water”. It comes mainly from Brazil. This stone with subtle nuances, is known since antiquity to alleviate physical pain. Spiritually, it is famous for appeasing anxieties, bringing serenity and promoting communication.
Looking for peace and quiet? Aquamarine stones will be able to bring you the comfort that you seek.
Astro point: Of an independent nature, Aquarians will find with Aquamarine stones, calm and serenity.


Chrysoprase stones are protective stones mainly found in Australia. It brings comfort, confidence and tenderness. Its different shades of green, can be a source of renewal in your daily life. It is known for its benefits on the heart. So, why not wear it for a fresh start?
Astro point: This stone perfectly matches Libras in search of balance and harmony.


Its name refers to Tanzania, the country where this stone was discovered. Appreciated for its blue reflections, Tanzanite stones stimulate imagination and creativity. They increase curiosity and memory. If you are looking for renewal, this stone will be your best ally!
Point astro : La Tanzanite servirait à faire ressortir la créativité des Béliers.


The name of Citrine stones come from the Latin word "citrus"; meaning "lemon" in French, in reference to their color. The main deposits are in the United States and Brazil. Its warm color fills you with positive energy which promotes creation and personal development. Need to get away from negative vibes, fatigue, anxiety, stress? Citrine stones will help you move forward!
Astro point: This stone promotes the optimism of Leos.


The bluish hues of Amazonite stones are reminiscent of the Amazon River, in which it was first discovered. On the emotional level, this stone will bring you peace, creativity and tenderness.
Looking for a stone that helps you keep your spirits up? Amazonite stones will be your best ally.
Astro point: This stone is especially recommended for Sagittarians.


The word "opal" comes from the Sanskrit "Upala", through the Greek "opallios" which would indicate color changes. Opal stones bear hope and purity. They promote open-mindedness and restore vitality to tired people. It is more particularly extracted in Australia.
Astro point: It calms and soothes, promotes love and tenderness and improves the sentimental life of Geminis and Aquarians.


Ancestral precious stone, Emerald comes from “acmagarbha”, which means « stone heart » in sanskrit. It was Cleopatra's favorite stone during Antiquity, the main deposits are now in Colombia. It helps to find inner peace and is particularly known for its soothing virtues.
Its color symbolizes love and loyalty.
Do you yearn for peace and harmony in your daily life? An Emerald can guide you in your new aspirations.
Astro point: The Emerald is usually associated with Cancer sign.


Its intense black refers to its Latin name Spinella which means "little thorn", in reference to its pointed crystals. This magical and esoteric stone is known to keep away negative vibes.
It will help you move forward, find courage and go further in your projects. Are you determined? Spinel stones will not leave you!
Astro point: Passionate Scorpios will love the intensity of the Spinel stone.


Symbol of light and clarity, Rock Crystals are recognized as receivers, amplifiers and transmitters of energy. They bring clarity of the mind, remove energy and emotional breakdowns while protecting from bad influences.
You need to see more clearly? Rock Crystal will bring you the clairvoyance you are looking for.
Astro point: Universal stone, Rock Crystal will be perfect for all Zodiac signs!


The protective Peridot stone, will keep negative waves away from you. This stone, with shades of green, would have the ability to protect its wearer and give self-confidence. Historically, the most important deposit is found in the Red Sea, on the volcanic island of Zerbiget, operated for 3500 years.
Astro point: With this stone, it seems that Libras make their dream come true.


The onyx stone removes sadness and gives resistance, strength and vigor. It optimises moderation, the control of passions and emotions.


In ancient times, Rhodonite had a dual function: an affective symbol and a token of friendship. It was considered as a protective object.


White turquoise is a stabilizing stone. It helps to clarify and establish consistency between feelings and gives a sense of responsibility.

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