L'Atelier d'Amaya


L’Atelier d’Amaya’s background

L'Atelier d'Amaya is first of all a family story, between a mother and a daughter, Laure and Amaya. A common passion for the creation of jewelry.

In 2007, they decide to join forces, set up their first workshop and travel around the country with their creations. From Christmas markets to summer fairs, from private sales to private sales, the success grows quickly. At the end of her studies, Amaya was asked a question as simple as it is crucial: to continue or to stop? But neither she nor Laure will have the time to answer it... Here they are in front of the opportunity to acquire a shop in Bordeaux. We are in 2011.

The adventure with a capital A begins!

Toulouse, Lyon, Aix-en-Provence, Cannes, Lille, Paris, Nantes... Shops are opening in the cities that Laure and Amaya love, faithful to the voice of their hearts. Shops with a soft, cosy and resolutely feminine atmosphere, proudly displaying their logo in the effigy of the Maine Coon, a majestic cat they love - to the point of owning several of them...

« When we decided to go on this adventure, customer satisfaction was our priority. Today, more than ever. We also wanted everyone to be able to find the jewellery of their dreams. This is why we create customizable collections; our jewels are made to last and never leave you! »
« We have at heart to share our passion. A jewel is a sentimental object, to offer or simply to please oneself. »

Our inspiration

It is through their travels and their meetings that Laure and Amaya draw their inspiration. They then fall under the spell of 925 silver, a precious metal both robust and lasting, and decide to devote themselves entirely to it.

Mixing the materials, transforming the jewels, they also have in heart to make you share their passion and offer you the possibility to personalize and create your jewel.

Timeless creations in limited editions following the spirit of the times, L'Atelier d'Amaya offers a beautiful collection of jewelry in 925 silver and gold-plated and rose gold plated 3 microns, 18 carats materials.


A handcrafted production

Each of our creations is assembled by hand in the heart of our workshop based in Bordeaux. Our fairy-fingered team assembles beads and cords by hand, assembles and engraves your jewellery according to your wishes before shipping it.

 However, the silver we use must undergo many transformations so that the desired result match the initial sketch. It is forged, hammered, welded and polished by highly skilled craftsmen, carefully chosen by us. The plating of our creations in 3 micron 18-karat gold is carried out by factories located mainly in France, Italy and Spain.

Jewels that look like you ?

Whether we offer it to ourselves or it is offered to us, a jewel is always a sentimental object. That's why Amaya and Laure have made it possible for you to personalize your favourite pieces: on our website as well as in our shops, you can choose the colours, engravings and sets of jewels. All our engravings are hand made in our workshop: first names, dates, words, phrases, etc...

L'Atelier d'Amaya is today a unique know-how with a particular attention paid to each piece of jewellery. Many inspirations are available on our Instagram profile. So it's up to you!


Cat Lovers

Our passion for cats began a few years ago with the adoption of Simba, our first tomcat! A true mascot of L'Atelier, Simba keeps company with Amaya in the workshop and even plays the model. The family grows with 3 other Maine Coons: Fuji, Jack and Delos. Follow their adventures on our social networks.
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