Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Mum, a jewel to say "I love you" ! 💕

Jewelry to illustrate the bonds of love

A mother, a daughter: a magical relationship that begins at conception and will never end, sending a growing love to develop over the years. Mother's Day has an essential value for both of them: how can we not celebrate this unique day? Offering a L'atelier d'Amaya jewel means saying I love you and promising that this special tenderness will never end.
Wearing gemstones or engraved jewellery means keeping the promise of this eternal love with you!

Timeless and trendy creations in silver, gold plated and rose gold plated

Amaya's Atelier carries this love in its history and transmits it through the creation of its different jewels. These superb jewels magnificently adorn the arms, ears and necks of all the mothers of the world!
It all began with two passions: that of a daughter for the creation of jewellery and that of a mother for her daughter.
Amaya and her mother together realised a dream: to create magic through 925 silver, 18 carat gold-plated and 3 micron or 3 micron rose gold-plated creations. Everything has style when it's designed by this pair bound together by love.

Mother's Day Jewelry

Your choices may be more likely to be a stone-and-gold wedding band or simply silver.
Laure and Amaya offer us jewellery designed to enhance all women: sublimating the body, they also carry meaning! Personalised, engraved jewellery is the perfect gift idea to honour mothers, isn't it? So, quickly discover this wonderful family adventure and the catalogue that these two extraordinary women are offering you!

It was in 2007 that Amaya and Laure joined forces: a family adventure like many would dream of living. Driven by their shared passion, their business has grown very quickly: the delicacy of their jewellery has touched more than one town. After the creation of a shop in Bordeaux, the opportunities just kept presenting themselves. Today, they have built a solid reputation, based on their seriousness and originality.

If you wish to offer a wonderful gift, a fabulous souvenir to keep with you for Mother's Day, you are bound to find the perfect piece of jewellery at L'Atelier d'Amaya. And if you want to leave a personal touch, the personalisation of the jewellery will be totally adapted for you!
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