Mothers of L'Atelier

"For us, it is above all a family affair."

Les mamans de L'Atelier
Les mamans de L'Atelier

L'Atelier d'Amaya is beyond all a family story.

Laure and Amaya, mother and daughter, founders of the brand, transmit this love through their jewellery collections. Today, we wanted to highlight this bond of love between a mother and her child by showing you some of the mothers who contribute to this beautiful story.

Amaya and her children


Amaya & her children
- Creator of L'Atelier d'Amaya -

Laure & her son

"L'Atelier is indeed
a family story."

Laure & her son
- Creator of L'Atelier d'Amaya -

Laurine & her children

"A shoot, jewellery
& mum's offices."

Laurine & her children
- Collection and Product Manager -

July & her children

"My happiness is our
moment together."

July & her children
- Administrative assistant -

Mélissa & her mother

"Partners in crime, 
Mum I love you."

Mélissa & her mother
- E-commerce catalog manager -

Nubia & her daughters

"Mum is the strongest.
She is our everyday hero."

Nubia & her daughters
- Manufacturing assistant -

Tiffany & her mother

"The best version of myself.
So proud of you."

Tiffany & her mother
- Manufacturing assistant -

Pia & her mother

"A look, a smile, is worth more
than a thousand words."

Pia & her mother
- Marketing intern -


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