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Pendants Collection

A jewel that looks like you is a unique jewel. This new collection offers you the possibility to create a 925 silver or 18-carat 3-micron gold-plated piece of jewellery according to your moods and desires. 

1. Personalise your bestsellers

(Re)discover your favourite jewels with our new pendants. You can embellish them as you wish with gemstones to add colour and/or create your own personalised jewellery with more elaborate shapes.

2. Accumulate as much you want

The accumulation of pendants gives you creative freedom and allows you to have several pieces of jewellery in one.

3. Create your own customised beads bracelet

The pendant collection allows you to let your imagination run wild. Choose your 925 silver bracelet and personalise it with the pendant(s) of your choice.

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