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How to measure your bracelet size?

We offer bracelets in different sizes for child, woman and man.

To know the size of your wrist and help you, we offer two methods to realize at home:

First method: 

1- Take a sewing thread

2- Wrap it around your wrist, making sure to adjust it to your size neither too wide nor too tight

3- Take the length obtained on a ruler and you will get your wrist size


Second method:

1- Print our size Guide pdf document in A4 format in real size at 100% scale

2- Cut out the measuring bracelet

3- Place the bracelet around your wrist to read your size; if you are between two sizes, choose the size according to the way you prefer to wear your bracelet

Find our special Guide for bangle bracelets. 

Do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service by phone: +335 56 81 57 71, by chat or by mail: [email protected]; so that we can adapt the bracelet to your exact measurement beyond 18 cm and below 14 cm if the model allows it.

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