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Our pretty hoop earrings edit

The hoop earrings, one of the greatest basics of the 90’s has made its comeback ! The accessory that became has-been not so long ago is now back into our jewellery boxes. We fall in love and we adopt them in 2019 !

But there is one question : Which one to choose ? Classic, bohemian, vintage, sporty, the hoop earrings can be adapted to any style.

Our hoop earring edit is made of 3 categories : classics, textured and originals. There is plenty of choices to fall for one pretty pair !

- Some tips of our creators -

↠ The Classics : The dilemma resides in choosing the size you'll wear ↞

Not too big not too small, they are of an intermediate size (4/5cm), shorter than the diameter of your ear. As far as thickness is concerned, we usually stick to something quite thin, delicate and chic ! As there are always exceptions : it exists in very big and large sizes, some are very funky... As we said, suitable for every style !

↠ The Textured : The more textured you’ll choose, the more success you’ll encounter ! ↞

We often see gold-plated hoop earrings but what a better thing than having them in different colours ? 925 sterling silver or gold-plated earrings ? What a question ! We can all agree that it is always an excuse to get new colours !

↠ The Originals : Original ones you’ll buy, legendary you’ll stay ! ↞

We love to choose from different styles : hammered, striated, flat.. Trust your desires and add some fun to your outfits !

So, which model are you falling for ?
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