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Initials collection

There is no way you could have missed this new trend! Pieces of
jewellery with initials have made their great appearance again. They find
themselves at the crossroads of two big trends: personalization and
vintage inspiration. Initials are a must-have!
Let your pieces of jewellery tell your affection to your friend, your
soulmate, your family or even to yourself. Initials allow you to take the
people you cherish anywhere with you. Personalize your pendants, a
personal and chic way to talk about oneself or the ones we love. Choose
a bracelet, a necklace or even a ring with the initial you want: a letter or
a number to make a declaration.
Our Atelier offers different choices:

- Amaya’s tip -

Don’t hesitate to wear necklaces with different lengths together.
Stay stylish by using accumulation: wear thin and sophisticated
bracelets stacked together.

A simple and effective look is your key to elegance.

Now, choose your initials !

Valentine’s day is just around the corner! It could be the perfect way to convey a message. Think about it.

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