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Valentine's day

You’re in despair of finding a gift for Valentine’s Day ? For you, it’s just another commercial celebration that we have to go through every year ? Whether single or in a relationship, it is a celebration that you either love or hate ! Lacking inspiration ? No plans for the long-awaited day ? Don’t panicWe have selected gifts ideas for a moment between lovers or a fun moment with some friends. 


You’re asking yourself how to be more original than last year’s flowers and restaurant ? You are a bit of a dreamer and last year already you forgot to buy a present for your beloved ? 

Here are our some pieces of advice to make your lover’s eyes sparkle. 

You will find some tips and a selection of pieces of jewellery.


If you are single… who said you couldn’t buy yourself a present ? Forget about Valentine’s day and think about Galentine’s Day !

You will love it : a party between girls on the 13th of February to celebrate friendship. This concept came straight from the TV Shows Parks and Recreations is now celebrated all around the world. Say goodbye to your Netflix plans in your favourite pyjamas with your takeaway pizza ! Dress up with your best pieces of jewellery and sparkle all night !
What a better idea than buying yourself a present for this great celebration ? Find your new favourite jewellery on our website ! 

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