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French grandmother's day

How to tell your grandmother how much you love her?

Either we call her Granny, Grandmother, Grandma, it’s important to show her our love. Either a traveler, a foodie, a reserved or a coquette woman, she is an admirable and of great maturity. But how can you show her your love ? Finding a gift for Grandmother’s day can be as hard as an obstacle race. But there’s no need to panic, L'Atelier has selected 6 gift ideas, for the ones celebrating it on the 3rd of March, or at any other date.

  • Initials: Let your jewellery say it for you! Looking for a chic yet personal gift? Personalize a pendant! You can choose a bracelet, a necklace or even a ring with the initials or the number that you want.

  • Engravings: Offer a unique piece by engraving 925 silver, gold-plated or rose gold-plated jewellery. 

  • A pretty long chain necklace: Why not offering her a beautiful necklace so she can add it to her spring looks? There is one for every style : in gold-plated, in rose gold-plated, in 925 silver, with beads or in suedette. We are sure that you will find the perfect one !

  • A bangle bracelet: It is a must have of our Atelier! There are available in different thickness and different materials such as 925 silver, gold-plated and rose gold-plated. You can either add a pompom, a personnalized medal or even both! The bangle bracelet is a timeless jewellery staple. What’s great is that it can be mixed with any other bracelets!

  • A tie bracelet: coloured, adjustable, this bracelet can be adapted to any seasons and desires. A kind thought to remain close to her every time.

Still not convinced? Have a look at L’Atelier’s essentials. Offering a classic is always a good idea!

Lots of gift ideas to make happy the one that you deeply cherish. A small kindness for a great declaration. 

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