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Nan or granny ?

The pretty nicknames of your grandmothers !

For French grandmother’s day, L’Atelier decided to organize a contest that celebrated your creativity. Nan or Granny ? Grams or Grandmama ? 

You sent us the prettiest nicknames given to your grandmothers or the engravings you would do to show her your love.


The best 10 proposals allowed 10 persons to win a 40€ tie bracelet duo ! Here are the results : 

- Ma belle Mamie by Nadège Belorgey

- Si jolie Granny by Aurore Biulet

- Super-Granny by Justine Justine

- Mamie Jolie by  Maëva - Maë

- Maminette by Virginie Rondepierre

- Amatxi by Marion Perreau

- Si jolie Granny by Aurore Biulet

- Mamie Breizh by Claire Milon

- Mamie minou by Marion Marieonstage

- Mamie le plus précieuse by Laurine Pichon

- Mamiecoeur by Emma Constantin Gagnebe

Congratulations to our 10 winners ! They were directly contacted by email in order to get their gift. 

You were so many to took part in this contest. Thank you. 

A lovely thought to your grandmothers. 

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