le journal d'Amaya

Festival edition

A festival breeze is blowing on your style!

Boho, flashy, hippy-chic, western or total denim look: the festival season has begun. Here are 4 trends with our essentials for all your festivals and concerts to come. 

1 - STACKING: Multiply jewels, dare accumulate rings, necklaces and earrings. For a trendy look, create a mashup of different lengths and sizes.

2 - BOHO: earrings, bracelets, bangles, necklaces, rings.. Jewels from our boho collection will be the finishing touch of your festival looks, they will not only point out your tan but will also bring a chic touch to your appearances. 

3 - MIX&MATCH: Mix our materials: 925 silver, Gold-plated or Rose gold-plated and enhance them with liberty prints or gemstones

4 - SYMBOLIC: Wear your symbolic jewels to make a great appearance and shine bright like a diamond! It will reveal your gipsy side: from the protective eye to the astrological sign, each of these jewels is looking after you. Miraculous medals and stars of destiny can be on your necklaces and even on your bracelets! 


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