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Friendly times

Every opportunity is great to take to please your best friend : her wedding, her first baby, her hen-do, her birthday… Our Atelier will help you find gift ideas for this summery season.

- Offer her a lovely engraving for a memory she would be able to hold on forever. Any engravings ideas? A nickname, a date or a symbolic place in your friendship, a symbol…

- Opt for a liberty bracelet to celebrate your friendship

- Choose a gift card: you’re sure to make her happy

Finding the best present for your best friend shouldn’t be too complicated: you know her by heart! Nothing’s more valuable than small attentions that will remind her of the moments you spent together.

To friendly times 

Jewels on the picture : Star chain necklace, Chain necklace with medal and pompom, Double thin beaded ring with thick medal.


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