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Stripes trend

Match your jewels with your stripes

Stripes trend is once again a major trend this summer. They can be found on our clothes, our swimwear and even on our accessories. They take over our closets! One question remains: what stripes are best for one’s figure and how to accesorise them? One thing is for sure: matching prints and jewels is trendy! Here are 3 tips to match them:

1. If you’re opting for thin or regular stripes that make the figure longer, add a touch of colour with our tie bracelet or braided bracelets.

2. If you’re more into total stripes look, opt for a descreet jewel with our essentials: in 925 silvergold-plated or rose gold-plated.

3. You enjoy stripes in small doses? Fall for our jewels sets with your eyes closed: braceletsnecklaces and rings to modernise your outfits.

Are you falling for this trend?

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