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Our cord jewellery

A coloured essential

Timeless and essential, our cord jewellery can suit your outfits and your desires. The bracelets are adjustable to your wrists thanks to the sliding knots. They resist to all the events of your daily life. You can fall for our cord jewellery with your eyes closed! These timeless jewels can match not only your summery but also your wintery outfits thanks to the wide range of colours available. For every cord jewellery purchased, the first change of cord is free. A voucher will be added to your order. If you don't have your voucher any longer, it is still possible to change the cord: 5€ for a bracelet and 3€ for a ring (L’Atelier d’Amaya’s pieces of jewellery only).

How to bring your cord jewellery back to life?

You can bring your jewel to one of our shops with your voucher. Your cord will be changed and will be available under approximately a business week.


You can contact our costumer service in order to get the form to complete and then send it with your jewel by mail.

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