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Our initials collection

A symbolic jewel

Our initials collection is back for the indian summer!

L’Atelier d’Amaya offers you creations that you can proudly wear all life long. Let your jewellery translates your affection to a friend, your true love, your family or even to yourself. Opt for the initial of your name, the one of your partner, your child or even the initial of a symbolic word: L like Love, M like Mother…

A symbolic jewel can also be a number: the date of birth, the date of the encounter with your true love, the date of your wedding, a symbolic day, your favourite number… Discover and fall for our hollowed number jewellery collection.

These medals are also available inidividually if you wish to add them to your favourite pieces of jewellery.

There’s nothing for it but to choose your initials !

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