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The perfect jewel

The essential is, by definition, something you cannot live without. In this collection, choose a classic piece of jewellery that you must own absolutely. Here's a list of jewels that you can match with all your looks: bracelets, necklaces, rings and earrings.

Discover our essential pieces of jewellery, the ones that marked each of our collections: in 925 silvergold-plated or rose-gold plated material.

Christmas and New Year’s celebrations are just around the corner and gift ideas can be hard to find. Choose our signature jewel: the half bangle and chain bracelet for a unique gift that will please without fail. It offers an elegance beyond compare and is available in three materials. Enhance it and make it perfect by personalising it. Our iconic jewels will stay with you year after year.

Let yourself be seduced by our favourite jewels.

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