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Focus on our 925 silver jewels

Are you more into gold-plated or 925 silver jewels? It is always hard to choose when we fall for a jewel. During summer, you prefer adding a touch of warmth with a gold-plated jewel and during winter, you’re more into the elegance and shine of a 925 silver jewel?

This week, L’Atelier d’Amaya has selected 925 silver jewels to bright up your month.

- Our half bangle and chain bracelet is our signature jewel. It will be perfect for Christmas and New Year’s celebrations. This jewel can be matched with any other bracelets among our “best sellers”: bangle bracelet, chain bracelet, tie bracelet or even beaded bracelet.

- A pretty set will perfectly dress your December outfits: necklacesrings and bracelets.

- Finalise your winter looks with a pair of 925 silver earrings: hoop earrings, stud earrings and even hanging earrings.

- Go for it and fall for our 925 silver medals: choose from classic, hollowed or engraved medals.

Discover our maintenance tips to clean your 925 silver jewels.

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