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How do I clean my silver bracelet?

Silver is a material that lives and patina over time.

Silver jewelry & bracelets 925 can blacken and tarnish but don't worry, oxidation is a natural phenomenon that can be accentuated by different factors: the acidity of the skin, contact with perfumes, creams or chemicals such as chlorine. They can also darken if stored in a humid place.

You can revive the shine of your silver bracelet by using a silver polish. There are also little homemade tricks like white vinegar or toothpaste.

Always use a soft cloth to avoid scratching your jewelry.

And find our other tips by material:

For gold plated and rose gold plated, avoid any contact with water, simply use a soft dry cloth to revive the shine of your jewelry.

Fine stones are natural, so they are delicate and do not tolerate chemicals or aggressive cleaners. You can clean them with a clean, soft, damp cloth.

Porous stones such as turquoise and iolite should be cleaned with a soft dry cloth.

Finally for cleaning your cord bracelet, you can clean it from time to time with a sponge and mild soap in warm water.

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